Terms and conditions

Advance payment is required to reserve the car

20% deposit and payment on delivery

The deposit will be paid once we confirm the reservation.

Driver Age   ​​ All drivers must have completed the 23 years of age​​  ​​and hold a driving license for at least 12 months to rent cars in categories A, B and C.​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ Also for the categories L1 and L2 (Luxury)   must be over  25 years of age   and have been owners for at least 24 months.

For   car rental   in the other car categories, the driver must be at least   23 years old   and hold a driving license for at least 24 months.

Driving License  A valid   National Driving License   is required along  with your  ID.

For citizens outside the European Union,   an International Driving License is required.

Rental Cost Calculation The rental   cost is calculated on a 24-hour basis with a margin of 2 hours calculated from the vehicle’s return time.

After 2 hours an additional day is charged.

Payment Methods  The rental payment is made upon receipt of the car   in cash   or by   credit/debit card. In special cases, you may need to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation (you will be informed in time by our company’s reservations department).

Changing or Canceling a Booking  If you inform us in time about the delayed booking or change, the booking will be transferred to the new arrival time. If, due to the delay, the collection takes place outside business hours (between 21:00 and 09:00) 15 euros will be added to the final price.

• If the guest cancels up to 10 days before arrival, the deposit (30% of the total price) will be refunded.

• The deposit will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled within 10 days prior to arrival. • If the guest does not show at all, the deposit will not be refunded.

Car Type & Category , The car type is indicated indicatively and only the car category is confirmed. In special cases of non-availability, we will offer you a higher class car at no extra charge.

Return of the Car before the end of the rental period  No part of the payment is given back if the vehicle is returned earlier than the end of the rental period.

Fuel Policy  With the amount of fuel you will receive the car with the same amount you will have to return it. If the vehicle is returned with extra fuel, the value of the fuel is not refunded.

Geographical Restrictions  Vehicle traffic is   ONLY  for the island of Crete.

Απεριόριστα Χιλιόμετρα  Δεν υπάρχει περιορισμός στα χιλιόμετρα της κάθε μέρας ενοικίασης.

Driving Terms

  • The driver must comply with the Greek Road Traffic Code.
  • To drive prudently and carefully and never under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a bad psychological state that will affect his driving.
  • He must NOT use the car for off-road driving and on beaches. Damage caused to the bottom of the car by  gross negligence or malicious use is not covered by any insurance and is borne by the driver.  Off-road driving is only allowed in 4×4 jeeps.
  • In the event that any warning sign lights up on the car’s dial, contact us immediately to give the correct instructions.
  • Under no circumstances allow someone else to drive the vehicle that is not registered in the rental contract and without notifying the company.

Fines and Violations  Administrative Sanctions resulting from traffic violations committed during the rental period of the car are entirely borne by the renter and the company must be informed. If the fine is discovered after the end of the lease, the violation will be charged to the tenant.

Loss of Keys  In case of loss of the car keys, you must inform us immediately so that we can provide you with a spare. The cost of replacing the key is borne solely by the renter and is not covered by any insurance.

Optional Equipment and Services  2nd Guide

You can add a second driver to the rental contract completely free of charge. The 3rd driver is charged €2/day.


 The car is not allowed to be transported to and from  p​​any island or mainland. All insurances will be voided and the renter will be responsible for span,  p​​any damage caused if the vehicle is driven outside of Crete.


If you have​​  ​​already received your vehicle and wish to keep it longer, you must​​  ​​contact our company and check if the car is​​ ​​available. We have the right to refuse to extend the rental if the​​ ​​car has already been booked. . Please note that the customer is not allowed to bring the  ​​car later than the agreed return time without receiving​​ ​​permission (by extending the rental) from our company, as there is ​​no insurance cover after car return time.


In the event of an accident, the renter should​​ ​​contact our company immediately via our 24/7 helpline​​ ​​in order to receive instructions on how to handle the situation. You are not ​​allowed to leave the scene without reporting​​ accident. If you cannot contact our company, you  ​​should contact the police directly. If the renter does not provide the​​ ​​reference to our company, then he is obliged to pay for the costs​​ ​​of repairing any damage caused to the rental vehicle. If the driver or ​​one of the passengers is injured, you should also inform​​ the police/ambulance. If by chance the other person involved leaves the  ​​accident scene, take a photo or write down the license plate number. We  will also call our insurance partner for an accident report.
It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol and to violate the traffic rules  .

Use of Car

All insurance coverages and waivers apply under the condition that the renter has complied with all terms and conditions. The renter is obliged to inspect the vehicle and report any damage to our office or the police as soon as possible without moving the car, in order to provide all the information and photos necessary to submit a full description of the incident. If the tenant does not immediately report the damage, then they assume responsibility and are required to reimburse the company for the cost of repairs. No accident/damage report will be accepted when returning the car without prior notification. The company is entitled to claim compensation from the renter up to the cost of repairing the damage as follows: For damage caused when the vehicle is operated on any unauthorized road, unpaved, dirt road or off-road (e.g. Balos ), either intentionally or unintentionally (rental vehicle left the road). For damages caused when the renter violates traffic rules (eg road/STOP signs, speed limits, road direction, u-turns, illegal overtaking, double lane crossing). For damage caused when the renter is distracted, misjudges his course and goes off the road. For damages caused when the renter violates the parking rules. For damage caused when the vehicle is operated in any race, speed trial, rally or competition or the vehicle is used for reward purposes (taxi or courier service). For damages caused when the renter violates the parking rules. For damage caused when the vehicle is operated in any race, speed trial, rally or competition or the vehicle is used for reward purposes (taxi or courier service). For damages caused when the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that affects his ability to drive the vehicle. For damage caused when the vehicle is used intentionally or recklessly by the renter (e.g. wind damage to the doors/body of the car, damage to the clutch/gearbox, damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused by animals, damage caused by the seat/standing on the hood/boot/roof of the vehicle).